Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Fastest car in the world

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Fastest car in the world

Thinking about the world's fastest car ,the first thing that comes in our mind is the car must be made by world recognizable brand.but that not true.
The no.1 spot for fastest car in the world is owned by Hennessey venom GT.
Yes,many of us haven't heard about the company that made this car.
The venom F5 is the successor to the record setting venom GT and is the fastest car in the world for 2018.
The car has claimed top speed of 301mph beating the next fastest car by solid margin.
The venom F5 is powered by 7.4 litre twin turbocharged V8 which produces 1600 horsepower.
The car is fully made of carbon fibre and it can go from 0-249-0 in less than 30 seconds.
This is a time an average sports take to go from 0-100mph.
There is buzz that one car is set to brake the record of venom F5 that is Devel sixteen.
Devel sixteen is the most ridiculous car ever built by human.the car was presented at 2013 Dubai motor show and has quad turbo V16 engine to produce 5000 HP .yes you heard that right it has 5000hp.
The has not started production yet but the claimed top speed of that car is 320mph.
The rumors has it the production version has found it's way.
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Monday, 5 November 2018

Small automatic cars

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Small automatic cars

Owing a small automatic cars has become a need of a time as roads are filled up with the traffic.
With an increasing. No. of vehicles on roads it is a smart decision to choose small automatic car. As they can be driven much easily in the traffic.
With rising petrol and diesel prices fuel efficiency of a car is also very important aspect when it comes to buying a car.
Following list will show you some small automatic cars which are very popular in the market currently.

1)Maruti Suzuki alto K10
It has everything looks,power,engine ,mileage and recent addition of AMT box gave a final stroke to this masterpiece.
Price-3.90 lakh.
It has 5 speed automatic transmission.

2)Mahindra e20
This is the car For environment friendly people.
It is only fully electric  car for sale in india .it has different style than others and is completely worth it.
It worth around 5.96-6.68 lakh.

3)Maruti Suzuki celerio
  The concept of automatic cars for maruti Suzuki started with this car.
It is maruti Suzuki's first automatic car.
Price - 4.35-4.65

4)Hyundai grand i10
This referred to as the perfect car.the has no haters .it has stylish exteriors and interiors,engine and power.
Price- 6.22 lakhs

5) Honda brio
 It is most compact car of all and has excellent interiors,stylish exteriors and comfortable seats.
It priced between 6.31-6.75 lakhs.

These are some small automatic cars which are currently most popular in the market.
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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Most expensive car on the world

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Most expensive car in the world

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO is officially the Most expensive car in the world. It was produced by Ferrari from 1962 to 1964 and was on the list of top sports cars in the world in 1960s.

Only 36 GTO were ever produced and the current price of the car is 70 million dollars according to the Miami auction in 2018.
The GTO stands for gran tourism omologata, is an Italian word.

         Giotto bizzarrini
          Sergio scaglietti

Body style:
       2 door berlinetta

The car has shown quiet a fast growth in it's price in recent years.
One of the GTOs was sold for 52.8 million in 2014  and the car broke all the record at 2018 Miami auction.
The GTO had become more like collector's item than a car.
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Friday, 27 July 2018

Lamborghini Aventador

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Lamborghini Aventador S

When it comes to their V12 cars lamborghini really takes time.first these fourbthe miura,countash,Diablo,Murceilago span over half a century and now there came aventador and now the aventador S which was recently launched.


 Engine- 6.4 litre V12
 Power-  740 bhp at 8400 rpm
 Torque- 690nm at 5500 rpm
Its a 7 speed automatic

Weight- 1700kg
Top speed- 217 kmph
 0-60 in 2.9 sec.

PRICE- 271,146 US dollars

  1)Strada- the road mode

  2)sport- to make everything little  sharper to have some fun .

  3)Corsa- The track mode to unleash the beast.

  4)EGO- this is special mode featured only in aventador of the entire lambo range.
The mode let's you adjust the settings according to your preference.

Aventador comes with 4 wheel steering the
Feature thats been recently added in the aventador which makes your driving experience more sporty adding up thrill at lower speeds.

The Lamborghini aventador is the closest thing to a fighter jet on road.

The only issue is the price .

Lesser known facts about Lamborghini aventador

1)the s version makes 40 bhp more than the original aventador.

2)it a sucessor of the legendary murcielago.

3) The car is named after the famous fighter bull of 1960s.

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Lamborghini SUV( urus)

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Lamborghini SUV( urus)( fastest SUV in the world)

created their first supersport SUV in 1986 but they decided to sell it only to military until they figured out they can build SUV with naturally aspirated engine
Surprisingly ,the supersport SUV is back.
The Lamborghini urus is an extension of VW motors MLB platform engine SUVs.the Bentley bentyaga,Audi Q7 are also built on same platform and now there is this Lamborghini urus.

Engine - 4 litre bi-turbo V8
Power- 641hp
Torque- 850nm
Tyres- top specs pirellis 23"

0-100 in 3.6 sec.
0-200 in 12.8 sec.
100- 0 stopping distance is 33.7 meters


Lamborghini urus is very agile and nimble.
The urus has diffirent driving modes

  For street or regular road use.

  When you want things to stiff up a bit and get a shrper response.

3) corsa-
  This is a track mode.
Sport and corsa drops car's suspension by 15mm for shaarper handling.

There are different modes to suit different terrains .

1)Terra-   For offroad driving.

2)Sabbia-  Sand mode

3)Neve-  For snow

The car is available in 4 or 5 seated versions.

Lesser known facts about lamborghini urus

1)It is out for sale after 6 long years after showing the concept.

2)lamborghini urus is the fastest SUV in the world.

3)Lamborghini urus is the first vehicle in Lamborghini history without a naturally aspirated engine.

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Rolls Royce phantom | price | specifications | images

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Rolls Royce phantom | price | specifications | images

Rolls royce is making some of world's finest luxury cars since 1904 and the Rolls Royce phantom is the model that traces back it's lineage to 1925.
Today the modern day Rolls  Royce phantom remains above the ultimate blending the very best of the old world british craftsmanship with the new world technology to maintain it's appeal amongst the very wealthiest of the society.
7th gen Rolls Royce phantom
At this level first impressions are everything and Rolls Royce phantom offers the perfect elegance with massive proportions.
For instance the regular car is grand enough but the extended wheelbase version measures in it 6.1 meters long,but it isn't about the size and majesty that amazes about Rolls Royce phantom ,there is an unrelenting attention to detail that goes way beyond noted,for example the car takes at least six months to build.
 All done by hand piece by piece which is incredibly difficult.
The paint of Rolls Royce phantom is very deep and rich and that is because of the 5 layers of the paint plus another 2 layers after completing the construction and all of that in 44 thousand color options.
The visual fair continues as soon as you get inside the car through a pair of suicide doors which close automatically at a touch of a button.The doors of Rolls Royce phantom has a Teflon coated umbrellas that are brilliant.
Inside the Rolls Royce Phantom is like a high class apartment and the rear seat passengers have full access to the infotainment system upfront.
However,the driver of Rolls Royce phantom has one of the best views in the motoring.


1)Rolls Royce phantom-

 Length- 5767mm
 Width-  2018mm
 Height- 1646mm
 Wheelbase- 3552mm( for regular car)
 Weight- 2560kg

2)Rolls royce phantom extended wheel base



The Rolls Royce phantom is powered by 6.75 litre v12 twin turbo engine producing 571hp@5000rpm
Torque- 900nm
With 8 speed automatic transmission

 # price-

  The 2018,8th genration Rolls Royce phantom comes with a price tag of 450000 US dollars.
8the gen Rolls Royce phantom

8th gen Rolls Royce phantom
However, buyers adding around 150000 dollars for options making a grand total of 600000.

As an event,as a statement many cars come close to Rolls Royce phantom but its a car that in many ways has no rival.
If you are the person with this kind of equity there is no better way to travel.


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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Top 5 fastest cars in the world

This type of listing  is actually difficult to make because there is thin line between production car and and a super race car.despite there being plenty of measures to measure the performance of a car we will look only for the top speed with that in mind here are the top 5 fastest cars in the world.
1)Bugatti Chiron
    Top speed- 288 miles/ hr or 464 km/hr
     Price - 2.5 million
2)koenigesegg one 1

  Top speed -280 miles/hr or 450km/hr
     Price-2.8 million
3)SSC Tautara
    Top speed-276miles/hr or 444km/hr
     Price- 1.3 million
4)Hennessey venom GT
    Top speed-270miles/hr or 434km/hr
5)Bugatti veyron supersport        Top speed-267miles/hr or 430km/hr
     Price- 1.9 million
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